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<transcy>LONCHERA COMBO</transcy>


Oatmeal cookies with chia seed 0% sugar 35g x 5 units

Jungle fruit cookies camu camu and acai 0% sugar 35g x 5 units

Cocoa Nibs Cookies 0% sugar 35g x 5 units (100% COLOMBIAN CACAO)

Mi tierra mix 23g x 6 units

Cereal Bars Diplay 0% sugar: Chocolate bar 25g x 2, Red fruit bar 25g x 2 and Seed Bar 25g x 2

1 LUNCH = 1 SNACK TO A CHILD (For this combo 13 snacks are delivered)


A continuación te compartimos unas ideas de recetas para que descubras que #hechoencasasabemejor

<transcy>LONCHERA COMBO</transcy>