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The best Pandeyuca pizza with a sandwich rim in a skillet! By: Paula Bermont

-1/2 Cup oatmeal (you can blend the flakes)
-1/3 cup pandeyuca premix
-1/4 Cup of water
-1 tsp baking soda
-Italian species or your preference
-1 egg (optional), I did not use but it can give it more consistency and you would add less water

-5 Tbsp tomato paste
-50gr grilled chicken
-50gr of grilled pork
-6 slices of cheese
-Snack (the number of strips will depend on the thickness you cut them)
-4 buffalo cheese balls
-spinach leaves 🍃
-Garlic powder 🧄

1. In a bowl mix the oatmeal + cassava flour, add the rest of the dry ingredients and finally the water little by little, so that the consistency is not too thick but not liquid.

2. When you have the ideal consistency in a large pan and before lighting the flame, add butter, and then put the mixture with the help of a spoon to expand it well. You leave it over medium-low heat 🔥 and every 5 min you move the pan sideways so that the heat covers all of it.

3. When you see that it is dry enough, carefully turn the dough over, it may be with the help of a plate. When you turn it over, you start adding the toppings.

4. Put the tomato paste, then the cheese and leave a small space around the edges for the sandwich strips.
Then add the protein that you had previously cooked, add the spices, the spinach leaves interspersed with the buffala cheese and more spices.

5. Finally, carefully close the edges of the sandwich and let it toast another little over medium-low heat 🔥


This delicious and healthy recipe is not shared: Paula Bermont @Healthylifepau - Follow her and enjoy her delicious and different recipes.